KAWAMOTO Takayuki a philosopher of science and chief privacy officer

KAWAMOTO Takayuki / 河本孝之


KAWAMOTO Takayuki *(河本孝之) is a philosopher of science, and chief privacy officer at Japanese private company.

(*) Japanese names are arranged and written in an order of “family name, given name.” So my family name is Kawamoto, and my given name is Takayuki. A majuscule in this website is not an official style to put a family name of Japanese person. It is just for an emphasis to let you know which is my family name.

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KAWAMOTO Takayuki was born in Meguro ward, Tokyo, Japan on September 20th, 1968. He grew up mostly in Osaka prefecture. He received his bachelor's degree in law from Osaka University of Economics and Law and his master's degree in philosophy from Kansai University, and left the graduate school of Kobe University without a doctrate.

Since 2006, Takayuki has worked for a private company of web integration and online services in Osaka as chief privacy officer and senior manager of information systems division.

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Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information
philsci*@*markupdancing.net [its public key]
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1993 / bacheor of law (criminal law), Osaka University of Economics and Law
1997 / master of literature (philosophy), Kansai University
2001 / retired from doctoral course (philosophy of science) at Kobe University
Teaching and Mentoring Experience
April 1998 - September 1998 / teaching assistant (lecture for philosophy of science in bachelor course), Kobe University
October 1999 - March 2000 / teaching assistant (seminar for philosophy of science in master course), Kobe University
April 2000 - September 2000 / teaching assistant (seminar for philosophy of science in master course), Kobe University
KAWAMOTO Takayuki (1997), “Causal Relata,” Kansai University φιλοσοφία, No.17 (January 1997), pp.65-87; https://ndlonline.ndl.go.jp/#!/detail/R300000002-I4181200-00.
KAWAMOTO Takayuki (1999), “Boolean Closure and Supervenience,” φιλοσοφια, No.15 (1999), pp.5-15; https://ci.nii.ac.jp/naid/110007376837.
Professional Associations
Philosophy of Science Society, Japan (日本科学哲学会)
Research Interests
philosophy of science, causation, probability, laws of nature, universals, applicability of mathematics, doomsday argument, supervenience, model theory, information theory, information security, privacy preserved technologies, David Hume, Martin Heidegger, Rudolf Carnap, Henry Kyburg, Jr., Bastiaan Cornelis van Fraassen
Outreach Activities and other websites
PHILSCI.INFO (my website for philosophy)
MarkupDancing (private journal)
Skills of development
Scale of skills in the development

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